The Uniqueness of the COOLDOG harness besides the fact that is a one-piece Freezable with the gel encapsulated into the harness. It is specially made for us by a cryotherapy medical company making gels for people in the medical field.  

"making  our first pattern" 





 Staying cold longer..."Cold Catalyst" inside is the technology behind our gel-pack.

Floating in the gel are tiny ice squares; they help and keep the gel to stay insulated and the gel to stay cold longer; the gel protects the ice so it doesn't melt as quickly. "Cause and Effect" proven

It Delivers Uniform Cold, and the ice pillows stay in place while thawing instead of slipping to the bottom of the gel pack as crushed ice does. When frozen, the pillows of purified water with USDA-approved food-grade freezing agents as the essential cold modifier melt into place, thereby providing uniform cold therapy for up to two hours.

It is food grade-FDA regulation 176,170; non-toxic and non-hazardous. The casing used for the gel is latex-free non-toxic won't rip or tear or puncture medical-grade plastic. The blue outer fabric is a nylon hook engageable fabric called Unlike.


 "In workroom perfecting our  design"     





The white inner fabric is broken loop spun-bond non-sweating soft fabric next to the dog's body is a  micro-mesh with little chance of irritation assuming a comfortable fit, that has an antibacterial finish to control bacteria.