The inspiration for the COOLDOG Gel Pack Harness started when the light bulb moment happened. On a hot summer day in Los Angeles my home was registering 80+ degrees and I was suffering along with my precious Doxie, Ginger.

I was pulling out gel packs I had in the freezer to put on myself and I put one on Ginger. I told her to be still and lay down to prevent it from slipping off. Well, that didn’t work so I also had one with a strap that I used for a previous ankle injury which worked really well and stayed attached on her body. Very soon she was happy and relaxed while enjoying the cooling effects that were taking place. It was at that moment I realized this will work on dogs like it does for people. That’s when the idea came to me for a ONE-PIECE gel pack harness. All you have to do is place the harness in the freezer and when it’s cold put it on your dog. There’s no fuss, it’s easy breezy and you’re ready to go.

After two years of research and looking online for what I envisioned, I realized there is nothing on the market that is a gel pack in the shape of a harness. I wanted to have it made in the USA and most of all be safe for the dog. So, I created the COOLDOG Gel Pack Harness, the one and only ONE-PIECE cooling harness made in the USA with the best and safest cooling gel technology made especially for us by a cryotherapy expert who makes gel packs for medical purposes.