The COOLDOG gel-weighted harness is like a Wearable Blanket that moves and goes where your dog goes...your dog can walk around, run around, and sleep, feeling        Cozy, Comfy, and Safe!



He can sleep in it, play in it, and do anything and everything that dogs do!

Its "Gentle Weight" feels like a calming hug; the weight increases serotonin, the happy chemical, and melatonin to relax your dog, and it induces a good feeling exactly as weighted blankets do for people. It decreases cortisol levels to reduce your dog's anxiety.

The COOLDOG Weighted Comfort Harness performs multiple tasks to help create the feeling of well-being of physical and emotional comfort; HOW? 

The Freezable harness cools in hot weather, and the gel-weighted harness gives a feeling of comfort and security to help with anxiety and calmness for your dog.

Weighted blankets have a history in therapy for a broader set of circumstances as well. These include sensory processing disorders, anxiety, autism, to name a few...
AND NOW...we are making history with our "Weighted Comfort Harness" for dogs!